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Bundling home and auto insurance is the practice of buying these two insurance policies from the same company. Many companies offer a discount when you buy multiple policies and the paperwork can sometimes be easier this way. People often ask us, “Should I bundle my home and auto insurance?” There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so let’s explore this more.

Save on a Home and Auto Insurance Bundle
How do I save by combining home and auto insurance policies?

Arkansans can save money on homeowners and auto insurance coverage by bundling their home insurance and auto insurance from one independent insurance company. Bundling is when you buy both insurance policies from the same company. Many insurance companies will offer a discount if you choose to get your home and auto insurance bundled with them.

The eGen Difference:

  • Discounts from 10% to 25% of the policy premium, resulting in significant savings
  • Pay the premium for the policies together, adding convenience
  • Save time with renewals by dealing with only one insurance company
  • Work with local insurance agents that know the area
    Most importantly, when you bundle insurance policies on your homeowners and auto insurance quotes, you can save money.

Our home and auto insurance agents are east Arkansas locals and know the area. We know your other coverage options for home and auto insurance companies and feel confident that our policies will save money and provide you a price discount. When searching for insurance coverage for home and auto to bundle, work with an independent local agent to save money and gain a discount.

Homeowners Insurance
Contact eGen Insurance to compare multiple homeowners insurance policies.

Our insurance company is independent and can quote multiple home and auto insurance carriers. Arkansans can compare homeowners insurance policies to best find what fits their current life needs and upcoming goals.

One of our specialities at eGen Insurance is affordable homeowners insurance. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an expanding family, or you are an empty nester, eGen’s team of professionals will find the best home insurance for your current stage in life.

Our local team based in Searcy, Arkansas, knows the area. Rest assured knowing you are in good hands – we will treat you like family. By comparing quotes with eGen Insurance, you and your family are sure to sleep soundly in your family home knowing you are protected.

Auto Insurance
Once you’ve settled on the perfect car, the next step is to save money on car insurance.

Car insurance is one of the most competitive policies you can buy from an insurance company. Our team of insurance professionals can pull and compare leading insurance policies for your auto insurance.

Your car insurance premium is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Make and model of your car
  • Driving record
  • How frequently you drive your car
  • Geographic location
  • Demographic information, excluding race and religion, which is illegal
  • Credit history

The above factors all impact your auto insurance premium. Contact our team at eGen and we can match you with the perfect auto insurance policy for your car and life. Our team of agents will help you save on car insurance policies by finding the right auto insurance policy bundle with homeowners insurance.

Are you a renter? We can even bundle renters insurance with auto insurance policies. Not all policies can be bundled and not all policies are right for your life situation, so it’s important to choose insurance agents you can trust. Meet the eGen team and see how we can help you with your home and auto bundle.

Get Started Bundling Home and Auto Insurance
When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you will save money and streamline your life.

Eliminate redundant paperwork. Streamline your finances. Bundle your home and auto insurance to live a smarter life.

Check the individual policy prices and coverages.

The discount and the convenience of having your home and auto insurance bundled can be very enticing, but if savings are what you’re after, this may not be the least expensive option. Additionally, some companies may only bundle certain policies, leaving you buying more coverage than you need simply to get the bundled rate. An independent insurance agent can help you comb through the details to find the policies that are right for you.

You can bundle auto insurance with renters insurance, too.

While home and auto insurance are commonly referred to together as an option to bundle, this doesn’t necessarily help someone who doesn’t own their home. If you have renters insurance (and you should), you may be able to bundle that policy with your auto policy as well.

Questions about bundling your home and auto insurance? Contact us today.

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